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Hi! I’m Maggie!

I used to be be where you probably are right now.

I was watching my long term investments succumb to the market’s whims.

I was taking every one of my financial advisor's recommendations - his job was to be the expert on the market, right?

And I wanted to increase my monthly income so I could live the life that I wanted.

But the buy-and-hold method wasn’t consistently profitable in these hard times.

As I watched the market take another downturn in 2007, I begged my financial advisor to move me to cash positions. He said to just ride out the wave.

But I was sick of the ebbs and flows of the market and I saw others around me profiting from the market no matter what direction it was going.

I decided, if they can do it, I can do it.


So in 2008, I took the leap and invested in my own financial education and began managing my own account (yep I fired him).

I didn’t know much in the beginning, but as the market crashed I found tickers in trouble and placed trades to make money as they crashed down.

And within two years, I turned $25,000 into $3,000,000 using only options trading.

I even shocked myself.

But what I discovered in those two years was there are certain patterns in the market and strategies that make it easy to win.

And the best thing is that these methods work in a down market AND they work wonders in an up market.

I unlocked the code to being consistently profitable

and beating market returns - whether the market is up, down or sideways.

And now I teach people, just like you, the exact same strategies so they can do the same.

Because if I was able to learn, then you can learn too.

Welcome to the Options Trading Millionaire Membership

It’s my passion and life’s work to teach every day people how to consistently beat market returns and increase their monthly income.

After 20 years of trading, I've taken all I have learned and created the shortcut to consistently profitable Options Trading that is clear and easy to implement.

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Master The Art of Maximizing Profit

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Build Wealth by Learning Proven Strategies

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  • 11 jammed-packed proven charting and strategy deep dive trainings designed to get you trading like an expert in record time.
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