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Learn why 1000s of every day traders have trusted Investing Buddies as one of the best options trading course out there!


"THANK YOU so much for leading me to this amazing but too crazy world!!!!!! On Wednesday, I had $23,000 in my account. Well, today I have $39,919. My body is still shaking… You are doing very noble job for all of us. You’re my lovely hero!!!! Thank you again!!!"


Kirk and Andrea

"I just had to tell you about the great day I just had. I was up over $18,500 today alone. (More than 3 times my previous record day. Nearly up 20% on my account in a day. The last 2 days after you chewed me out (lol) I've made some great trades."


"After 2 weeks of following the ‘process’ I have recovered the losses from January and am now well ahead of my 25% monthly goal. In fact, my cumulative return through today is 47% and I am overwhelmed with gratitude for having access you you."

There is a better way.

When founder, Maggie Roth, fired her financial advisor in 2008 after watching her stocks dwindle during every major crash in the stock market, she knew there had to be a way to make sure that her accounts didn't crash along with it. 

What she didn't know was she was about to discover one of the most powerful tools in investing for building wealth. This tool would transform not just her own life but 1000s of others's lives as they learned to understand the strategy behind great traders.

Now Maggie, and her team of experts, help everyday traders master the art of consistently profitable options trading and transform their financial futures through Investing Buddies' education!

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Get started as an options trader. This 4 week, interactive live-training will set you up for a lifetime of trading success.

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Master the to options trading strategies that work in any market. Everything you need to go from practicing trades in paper to making real, profitable options trades!

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Get the tools for consistent profits as an options trader. Get weekly expert coaching, market insights and real-time education as the market shifts.

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Quantum Trading Method

Get 1:1 coaching on how to maximize your trading profit. Become a trader who can change losing trades back into winning ones & knows exactly when to enter and exit trades for maximum profitability in this daily, year-long coaching program.

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