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 → If you want a system that allows you to trade without sitting at a computer all day long AND succeed in volatile markets  (this just takes 2-3 hours a day!)

→ If you understand options trading but you can't seem to catch up because you have less than $5,000 in your trading account 
→ If you love trading options but you want a way to mitigate the overnight risk that comes with covered calls
→ If you love keeping up with the latest world news and understanding how the world works around you

All you need is one security and one time frame to change your life

Hi, I'm George!

I learned exactly how the institutions trade after being recruited by Merrill Lynch. it was there that learned the secrets of staying profitable no matter what the Market is doing.

Since then, I have become known for demystifying the intricacies of trading.

My DMI Extension Strategy that I teach inside the Forex & Binary Trading Power Course only requires four things - At least $2500 to trade, 2-3 hours a day, a winning mindset, and willingness to be consistent.

I'm on a mission to show all options traders that regardless of whether you've been to Yale or jail, with commitment and the right tools, binary trading can be simple and profoundly life-changing. You could be next!

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Danny P.

"The binary options strategy is the most straightforward and scalable strategy I've used over years of trading."

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Get trained on NADEX trading platform so you can  learn everything you need to know about reading, trading and implementing your Forex strategy 
Empower yourself to know how to manage your risk and never lose more than you are willing to lose by understanding real data and recognizing crucial chart patterns.
Trade LIVE with an expert for a full week! After 4 weeks of training and practice, watch me and trade alongside me LIVE every day for a week.

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4 live weekly sessions plus a week of live trading!

Class is every Tuesday at 11am EST starting February 13-27, 2024, then daily from March 11-15, 2024 at 9am EST.

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