From Paper Money to Real World Trading! 

Trade alongside Maggie every week as she takes you from putting on trades in paper money to full confidence in putting on real, profitable trades for yourself!

 4-Week Live Trading Course

Mastering The Trade

From Practice To Perfection

I'm Ready!

Mastering the Trade is for you if

You know the options trading strategies and you're ready to apply them in the real market. 


Here is exactly who Mastering The Trade is for:
🌎 You understand the concept of the 9 most profitable options trading strategies or you're a Crash Course alumni and you're ready to apply those strategies in the real world


📈 You want confidence in putting on real options trades so you can start seeing a profit and mastering options trading.


đŸ—»Â You are committed to becoming a trader who can pick great trades and profit on your own but want a little extra hand holding at the beginning of your journey. 


đŸ’ȘđŸ»Â You're committed to understanding exactly how to use your trading platform to place trades, use the proper charting and enter and exit trades profitably

Pick and place trades every Friday with Maggie.

Review and adjust trades alongside Maggie every Wednesday for maximum profitability!

At the end of four weeks, you will understand:
→  The mechanics of successfully placing and exiting a trade
→  How to spot a ticker with great trading potential
→ How to stay out of trouble on a trade
→  How to use the tools of trading to create more profit

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The "Investing Buddies Guarantee"

We fully stand behind our education here at Investing Buddies. You will understand how to place a trade in the real market or your money back.