Here's the truth about how experts actually become successful at trading options. 

You put on a couple of options trades thinking you know how the market is going to move and then BAM you get hit with another trade gone bad.

What seemed to work last week isn't working this week and you're just not sure how to make sense of this whole options trading thing.

You're probably wondering if you should just stick to traditional investing instead of sticking your neck out and getting burned.

The truth is that behind every expert options trader is decades of trading experience that has allowed them to develop consistent strategies for success. 

And the exact strategies that I use to get consistent 500% annual returns are yours for the taking.

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500% Annual Returns? Yep.

I was a new options trader who had watched other expert traders have wild success. I knew could be successful too, if I could just get my hands on what they traded.

One teacher in particular was flying through his stock tickers.

"SLOW DOWN!", I thought to myself. I just need to know what tickers to trade and then I'll be successful.

So I asked him to share his stocks with the class.

And he said no.

I'll never share my stocks but I will share my strategy.

In that moment, it clicked. I needed to develop my own strategies and so I took the time to learn how to read the market and make trading decisions for myself. 

But it took me almost 10 years to discover winning patterns and strategies that now make me 500% annual returns every year.

I wish I had easy-to-understand trading strategies that I knew worked when I first started trading options.

That's why we created the "Options Trading Crash Course".

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David S.

"They really break down something that is so complicated and nebulous and give you very specific strategies about how to approach options trading"

Russ K.

"After 2 weeks of following the ‘process’ I have recovered the losses from January and am now well ahead of my 25% monthly goal. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for having access you you."


Sharyn P.

“It’s been the most straight forward, easiest to understand education I have ever taken. And over the years that I have been trading I have taken a lot of education”

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