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As a new options trader, I was in awe of the experts' success and eager to replicate it.

I believed that if I could just get my hands on their top stock picks, I'd be on the fast track to success.

But when I asked my mentor to share his stocks with the class, he refused. Instead, he shared something far more valuable.

His strategy.

That's when it clicked.

After a whole lot of hard work, dedication and messy mistakes, I cracked the code and discovered winning patterns that anyone can use to be a consistently profitable options trader.

Now, I want to save you the time and effort it took me to master the art of options trading.

That's why my team and I created the "Options Trading Crash Course" – to give you access to the easy-to-understand, proven strategies I wish I had when I first started.

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David S.

"They really break down something that is so complicated and nebulous and give you very specific strategies about how to approach options trading"


Complete Turnaround

"It is a complete turnaround! I time my entries better. I feel more confident about identifying charter and candlestick patterns. Great low cost taste of your trading style and system."




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"It got me focused back on trading. I have larger wins and smaller loses. The teaching was awesome!"


Dennis A.

"I’ve always dipped my toe into the market. Options Trading Crash Course has really shown me that I can do this and that I can really take what I’ve learned and make a nice supplemental income. And I even have the possibility that I can take it and make this my full income and put the accounting business on the side."

Sharyn P.

“It’s been the most straight forward, easiest to understand education I have ever taken. And over the years that I have been trading I have taken a lot of education”


Easy to follow instructor

‚ÄúKnowledgeable, personable and easy to follow. Really enjoy how she breaks things down and makes learning a pleasure‚ÄĚ

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Master the fundamentals of stock market analysis, with the opportunity to ask questions and get personalized feedback in our 4-week LIVE trainings. 
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Fast-track your path to profitability by learning the essential strategies I use daily, bypassing the years it takes most traders to achieve consistent returns.
Empower yourself to make informed trading decisions with confidence by understanding real data and recognizing crucial chart patterns.
Bonus: “The Ultimate Excel Trade Journal” developed over 20 years to effortlessly manage your open trades, track your success and optimize your profits as an options trader.

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